1979 Department of electronic engineering and Department of electrical engineering were established.
1985 Department of electronic calculations was established.
1989 Department of control and measurement engineering was established.
1996 School of electronic computer electrical control engineering operated the integrated department.
1999 The name was changed to the School of Electronic Computer Engineering(ECE)
2002 ECE was divided into Electronics electrical major/Computer majors
2005 ECE was divided into Electronic information system major/Electronic communication major/Computer major
2008 ECE was selected for HYU Educational Specialization
2010 ECE was divided into Electronic Communication Engineering/Electronic System Engineering/Computer Engineering
2014 ECE was selected for The CK-II
2015 Electronic communication engineering department and Electronic system engineering department are integrated into School of Electrical Engineering(EE)
2016 EE participated in PRIME(Program for Industrial needs-Matched Education)
2020 EE was selected for two 4th phase BK21.
2022 EE participated in the department-collaborated semiconductor human resources training project