Undergraduate Research Practice

학부생 연구실습


Q. What is the class like overall?

- Short-term exposure to a professor's research area under the supervision of a professor in your field of interest at a level that is understandable to undergraduate students
- A valuable opportunity to gain a deeper understanding and interest in your major through research practice class that are slightly more advanced than undergraduate classes.

Q. Which students are participating?

- Open to undergraduate electronics engineering students in grades 2-4
- Open to both individuals and teams

Q. I want to apply, what process do I have to go through?

- Step 1 : Contact with professor in your field of interest via email and in person
- Step 2 : Registration for undergraduate research practice
- Step 3 : Submit your application
- 4단계 : Step 4 : Begin research practice class under the guidance of the professor

Q. What benefits and support are provided?

- Registration fee/business trip expenses for thesis conference
- Extra points for SEED scholarship based on research performance
- Application dates are announced before or after the start of each semester

Q. Where should I contact for other detailed inquiries?

- Creative Korea(CK) : 031-436-8191